President Barack Obama Thanks Troops On Thanksgiving With ‘Heartfelt Tweet’

When it comes to Barack Obama’s relationship with the United States military, many news outlets usually report the disagreement between both parties. The Inquisitr has also reported on such situations such as military veterans of both Iraq and Afghanistan wars favoring George W. Bush over Obama in handling military matters. There is also disdain from military generals, some even being terminated from their position by the president himself. As a result, one congressman is urging any military generals who disagree with Obama to retire as a means of rebellion.

Despite the generalized reported view that Barack Obama doesn’t understand the military primarily because he never served, reports are coming in that he did spend a portion of his Thanksgiving calling and thanking troops as proven by a tweet posted up on the official Twitter of The White House.

According to ABC 7 Chicago, President Barack Obama spent a quiet Thanksgiving at the White House to celebrate in the traditional manner of overeating on turkey, stuffing, and other Thanksgiving fare and engaging with family. Before that, Obama continued his tradition of telephoning members of the armed forces to thank them for their service. The calls included members from all five military service branches which included a conference call to troops in West Africa, who are assigned to battle Ebola. A White House summary of the calls said Obama told them their varied missions. However, the overall objective is to keep the American people safe and secure.

IJReview also reported on President Barack Obama’s tradition of expressing his appreciation to the troops by telephone by attaching the tweet the official Twitter of The White House posted up. It is attached below for your viewing.

However, IJReview provided a bit of snark with their report, writing that President Barack Obama should have probably placed some troops in the photo. It also doesn’t help that they made a comparison to what George W. Bush did when he was president back in 2003. Instead of calling troops and wishing them profound gratitude for their service, he himself surprised the troops in Afghanistan and flew over to share Thanksgiving with them.

George W. Bush
George W. Bush surprised troops in Afghanistan by spending Thanksgiving with them back in 2003. (via Wikipedia)

Despite the negative lashing more conservative sites have expressed with President Barack Obama’s thanking the troops on Thanksgiving by telephone, it can be reported that Obama at least did something to show his gratitude. As for all of you, what do you think Obama thanking the troops during Thanksgiving over the phone? Do you think his method of showing appreciation is enough or should he have done more?

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