Police Officer Reportedly Harassed By Hostile Black Friday Shopper, Accuses Officer Of Trying To ‘Mike Brown’ Him [Video]

There have been a number of Black Friday ordeals reported over the weekend, but one incident in particular has caught the attention of thousands of viewers online. Footage of an altercation between a hostile Black Friday shopper and Officer Michael Manfredi of the South Strabane Police Department has gone viral. Apparently, the Walmart security team had become suspicious of the man because they contacted the local police department. Manfredi was the officer who responded to the call.

The nearly six-minute video captures the two men involved in a heated argument over items the man allegedly stole. When Manfredi asked the man for proof of purchase, the man immediately became defensive. He also refused to show identification, and asked his friend to film the exchange. Although he did have a receipt he refused to let the officer see it. So, it was not clear whether the receipt was for the items in question.

As he exits the store with the merchandise, the officer follows him where things escalate in the parking lot. The man accused the officer of trying to “Mike Brown” him and hysterically stated that he feared for his life.

“My hands are up! He’s trying to Mike Brown me! I’m scared for my life!”

However, he continued to withhold the receipt. Although the officer was visibly frustrated, he made no effort to snatch the receipt. On November 28, the video was uploaded to YouTube and now has over 300,000 views. Needless to say, many viewers were quite frustrated by the man’s actions. Many accused him of using Michael Brown’s death as an excuse to steal.

Here’s what viewers had to say:

“And you wonder why people do not believe them when they say Michael Brown was just an innocent boy! F—— Animals!” one viewer said.

“Seems like if he wasn’t trying to hide something he would have shut the hell up and let the cop do his job and it would have been all over…that is, unless he was trying to hide something,” another viewer said.

“Walmart is private property and by walking in their store you abide by their rules douche. No ones rights are being taken away. If they ask to see a receipt they have every right to retain the property (on their property) until you can prove it is yours. It’s douches like you who are making this country what it is. What your basically saying is I can walk in your house and take whatever I want and leave and there is nothing you can do about it,” James Martin wrote.

“They’re not scared of the police. They’re scared of getting caught doing something wrong, which they know they’re guilty of. They don’t want to face the consequences of their actions. Seriously, these people are like straight up fucking babies. F— all of them. #carpetbombferguson.” another viewer wrote.

Do you think the shopper had something to hide? Share your thoughts.

[Image by Scott Olson/Getty Images]