Ohio State Football Player Found Dead In Dumpster, Suicide Suspected In Kosta Karageorge’s Death

Ohio State University football player Kosta Karageorge was found dead in a dumpster behind his apartment on Sunday, with CNN reporting that the defensive lineman, who had been missing since Wednesday, died from what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

When Karageorge, 22, went missing last week, his mother reportedly told authorities that her son, a fifth-year college senior, was suffering from concussions and periods of confusion. FOX News reports that after days of searching for the missing college football player, the young man’s body was discovered behind his apartment, not far from the Ohio State campus.

Karageorge reportedly texted his mother last Wednesday, telling her he was sorry that he was “an embarrassment” due to the effects of his concussions.

Shortly before Kosta’s body was found, Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer spoke with the media, telling reporters that he had no updates about the missing football player.

“I know there’s a lot of prayers on the team because a lot of the guys are friends with Kosta. He was only with us since August, so I didn’t know him that well but talked to his mom a few times. Just come home safe, man.”

FOX reports that defensive lineman Michael Bennet states that when Kosta missed practice on Thursday, his teammates began to worry. Kosta Karageorge’s body was identified by his tattoos and a firearm was reportedly recovered close to his body.

It is unknown at this time how long the football player has been dead, with the Cleveland Plain Dealer reporting that his sister, Sophia, states that the last ping from his phone happened early in the morning on Wednesday. Sophia states that her brother was “upset about something Tuesday night” and his roommates told her he went for a walk. That was the last time Kosta was seen alive.

The Dealer reports that Karageorge attended Ohio State before joining the school’s football team this season. His family states that he had a history of concussions, and when he went missing last week, they were concerned that he walked away from his apartment “while dealing with issues related to those head injuries.”

Before his body was found, Coach Meyer stated that his disappearance was “unbelievable.” He has yet to make a formal statement about the death of Ohio State player Kosta Karageorge.

[Image: Karageorge Family via Cleveland Plain Dealer]