The World’s Simplest Electric Train: Fun Project, Great Science Experiment

The world’s simplest electric train. If someone invited you to create the simplest electric train in the world, where would you begin?

Quite a few people might become extremely confused and overwhelmed just by trying to wrap their heads around the mere concept alone.

You may even start to think about consulting one of your friends or colleagues that have experience as an electrical engineer to determine the best route to take in order to accomplish this goal.

However, as you can see from this viral video, creating the world’s simplest electric train is nowhere near as hard as you might think.

All that you need is: a dry cell battery, a magnet, and a copper wire.

As you can see from the very beginning of the video, the dry cell battery connected to the magnet will seemingly race through the copper wire — especially when it is wrapped in order to form what appears to be a tunnel. The dry cell battery races from start to finish — accelerating from one end of the “copper tunnel” to the next.

And that is where the fun begins. You can make the tunnel longer, turn it into more of a roller coaster track, etc. No matter what you do, or how long the “copper tunnel” becomes, the dry cell batteries (aka the “electric train”) will continue to accelerate from start to finish without any hesitation.

Thanks to the popular YouTube channel, Amazing Science, and this viral video (which has been watched over 930,000 times), you now know how to create the world’s simplest electric train — and have fun doing so. What do you think?

[Image Credit: Vine Moments]