‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Luke And Helena Stir Things Up In Port Charles

There are surprises in store for the residents of Port Charles during the week of December 1 on General Hospital. Will the truth about Luke finally be revealed to all? Will Jake remember his real identity? It may take a while yet for those bombshells to drop, but General Hospital spoilers indicate that there is a lot of good stuff ahead in the coming week.

She Knows Soaps reveals a few juicy General Hospital spoilers for the week of December 1. On Monday’s show, Tracy will have a surprise visitor, seemingly Luke, while Silas confronts Ava. Julian will lay out the truth for Jordan, and as the week continues, Franco will let down his guard.

There will be some new information about Luke that Anna and Dante come across, and viewers will see Alexis and Ned struggling because of Luke. Alexis will have to share some news with Molly while Madeline makes a threat to Obrecht. It seems that Madeline catches her sister in a lie and tries to use it against her, but it may not go as planned.

Also this week, Nikolas makes a discovery that sends him reeling, and Obrecht has a shocking encounter. As the Official Morgan Corinthos Facebook page teases, Franco will try to convince Nina to return Ava’s baby, but he is getting attached to the newborn.

General Hospital spoilers also indicate that Franco and Nina will come up with a name for the baby, seemingly calling her “Dimples.” Is that a nod to a resemblance the baby shares with potential papa Sonny? Perhaps, though many are sure that Morgan will turn out to be the baby’s father.

Luke wants answers, and many Port Charles residents are scrambling in the wake of his return. Britt will consider turning in Faison, but Obrecht threatens her to keep her quiet. Patrick will open up to Sam about what he knew, seemingly about Jason, and she will have some questions for him about his decisions and how he handled things.

As for Jake, really Jason now played by Billy Miller, General Hospital spoilers indicate that he will recognize Helena and ask Liz about her. He will spend some time looking for a job while Elizabeth will ask Anna about what happened in the run-in between Jake and Helena. Later Jake will find himself in a complicated situation.

Liz will give Nikolas a warning about Helena while Sabrina tells Michael she’s sorry she misled him about AJ’s murder. Then she has a surprise in seeing someone. General Hospital spoilers indicate that there will be a cryptic phone call ahead, and Sonny will encounter an enemy behind bars.

Multiple storylines are definitely heating up, and fans are anxious to see where things head next. Tune in to General Hospital airing weekdays on ABC to see just what goes down next in Port Charles.

[Image via Celebrity Photos at She Knows]