‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Hope Deals With Big Decisions And Confrontations

The Bold and the Beautiful has a full slate of episodes ahead for the week of December 1, and fans cannot wait to see just what goes down. There are heartbreaking decisions ahead and schemes to put into play. What Bold and the Beautiful spoilers are available that fans won’t want to miss?

According to We Love Soaps, Hope will make a heartbreaking decision about Liam. Is she finally going to face letting go of her feelings for him? He will admit to her that Ivy told him she loves him, and this seems to stun Hope a bit.

It’s time for Hope’s baby shower, and she’s got Caroline, Pam, Aly, and Ivy in attendance. Quinn naturally is not invited to Hope’s baby shower. However, she still wants to find a way into the event. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Deacon will warn her off of showing up, but she doesn’t listen.

Quinn will do a bit of eavesdropping on the event, but she likely won’t like what she hears, as others reveal their true feelings about her. Bold and Beautiful spoilers reveal that there’s a big confrontation ahead, yet again, between Hope and Quinn, and chances are that this one will get ugly.

Also ahead this week, notes She Knows Soaps, Caroline will confront Maya. Caroline wants to repair her marriage to Rick, but she’s got a few words for Maya regarding the drama that has been playing out. In addition, Wyatt and Liam will talk. Wyatt will share that he thinks Liam can have a great life with Ivy, just as he has a great life with Hope himself. It seems clear, though, that this isn’t something Wyatt manages to say smoothly.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers note that this week Bill will chat with Wyatt about Quinn. It seems Bill will convince Wyatt to put a plan into place that keeps Quinn away from Bill’s family, and by the end of the week, Wyatt will start taking action. In addition, Liam will make a vow to Hope regarding her future.

It is already known that Kim Matula, who plays Hope, is leaving the show at some point soon. Are the events taking place now regarding Liam, Wyatt, Quinn, and the baby laying the groundwork for Hope’s exit? It is believed that the show won’t be recasting her, at least not right now. Fans are quite anxious to see just where this storyline heads.

Will Rick and Caroline be able to repair their marriage and keep Maya out of the way? Will Hope and her baby remain safe, and will Liam move on with Ivy? Tune in to The Bold and the Beautiful airing weekdays on CBS to see just what happens next.

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