Daredevil Climbs Romania’s Second Largest Structure Without Safety Equipment, Chimney 919 Feet Tall [Video]

A daredevil climbs Romania’s second tallest structure — and does it without any safety equipment. The structure is a 919-foot chimney that is located in Pitesti, Romania.

According to the daredevil himself, Flaviu Cernescu, the chimney consisted of six separate floors. Cernescu noted that the first five floors didn’t have railing anymore and are very deteriorated, so he split the climb into four sections.

“1) 0m – 20m (65 feet) : there is no metal ladder but only some electrical cables hanging…
2) 21m – 55m (180 feet) : the ladder does not have protective cage.
3) 55m – 275m (902 feet) : the ladder has protective cage but no place to sit down.
4) 275m – 280m (909 feet- the top) : the ladder, again, has no protective cage and the last 3 meters of it are not secured to the tower which makes it unstable.”

In the video, you see the daredevil scaling the first portion of the chimney using only a cable that was hanging down the side of the structure. It appears the man had no idea what the cable was attached to, but gave it a good tug to get going. After scaling the cable, the man can be seen climbing a rusty and deteriorated ladder. Cernescu noted that the railing was very deteriorated and unstable, so had to move accordingly.

Once at the top of the structure, you see Flaviu walk across a metal bar laid across the mid-section of the chimney. The daredevil then gives everyone a good glimpse of his bird’s eye view and climbs back down the structure.

Cernescu isn’t the only daredevil to make a viral video. Some BASE jumpers created a viral video as they attempted to jump into a rooftop pool from a 1,200-foot tower.