November 19, 2020
Dasha Mart Flaunts Her Bodacious Booty & Impressive Cleavage While Posing On A Boat

Popular influencer Dasha Mart has a knack for making bikinis look good. On Tuesday, she lit up her Instagram page with an update that featured her wearing a black swimsuit that showcased her bodacious booty and impressive cleavage while she relaxed on a boat.

Dasha's post consisted of three photos that saw her enjoying the sunset. Along with the pastel colors filling the sky, the city skyline was also visible in the distance behind her.

Dasha's bathing suit top featured a wide opening, which exposed plenty of her chest. The bottoms had a high-rise waist and featured a row of gold grommets along the top edge. They had a cheeky cut in the back, showing off most of her booty.

The Miami-based model completed her look with a black baseball cap under which she wore her long tresses down.

Dozens of Dasha's fans took to the comments section to dole out the compliments.

"You are the most beautiful woman in the world," wrote one admirer adding two red heart emoji.

"Omg you are so beautiful that you blow me away," a second Instagram user chimed in.

"You're spectacular," a third follower added.

In the first frame, Dasha put her butt on display. With her back to the camera, she posed with one leg propped on part of the boat. She pointed her toe and bent her knee, flaunting her booty while she peered over her shoulder with a sultry expression on her face. She accentuated her backside by holding one hand under one cheek while a tattoo on the side of her hip helped call attention to her derrière. The pose also showed off her bustline.

The second photo captured Dasha from the front as she sat on the boat. Her legs were parted and one was folded to her side while the other was in front of her. She wore the straps to her top down on her shoulders, putting off a sexy vibe while showcasing her ample bosom in the process. With a smile on her face, she looked downward as she rested her hands in front of her.

Dasha was on her knees in the final snap. Still facing the lens, she got a little flirty and pinched the straps of her bikini to together with one hand to highlight her massive cleavage. She held the brim of her cap with her other hand while she smiled. The model not only put her chest on display, she also flaunted her trim waistline and toned thighs.