Marcus Grodd, Lacy Faddoul Update: ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Stars Share First Thanksgiving Together

Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul fell in love and got engaged last summer during the first season of Bachelor in Paradise, and it would appear that the two are still doing very well as a couple. What’s the latest from Marcus and Lacy, and have they shared any updates on a wedding date? It seems these two are pretty inseparable these days and fans are thrilled to see that they are doing so well.

Initially after filming Bachelor in Paradise, Marcus and Lacy had to maintain a long-distance relationship. Lacy lived in California and Marcus was in Texas, and they spent a lot of time traveling back-and-forth. From the looks of things these days, however, California is where they are spending most of their time together.

Grodd recently shared a photo on Instagram showing his “gorgeous bride to be” as they were dining in Westlake Village, California. On Thanksgiving, the couple’s first together, both Marcus and Lacy shared a sweet photo that included her dog, and they wished their fans a happy Thanksgiving. They also thanked everybody for their love and support, which has been a constant since Bachelor in Paradise ended.

Recently, both Lacy and Marcus had teased their social media followers that they had new ventures and big announcements coming up. They’ve made multiple references lately to their upcoming wedding, but so far they haven’t shared any specifics regarding plans or timing. It sounds as if they may be working on some kind of work-related project together that will be announced first, with wedding scoop to follow.

This Bachelor in Paradise pairing may have seemed a bit unorthodox at the beginning, but Grodd and Faddoul have shown fans that they seemingly have what it takes to go the distance. Right after the show’s finale, Marcus and Lacy mentioned that they were thinking about a wedding date next summer, but they haven’t gone into any more detail than that with fans since then.

Will Marcus and Lacy end up walking down the aisle in the coming year? These Bachelor in Paradise stars do seem to be making plans for the future, and they look like they’re very much in love. For now, fans will have to stay tuned to social media for more scoop from Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul, and everybody hopes that there is more good news on the way for the pair.

[Image via Instagram]