November 17, 2020
WWE Beauty Carmella Drinks Starbucks From Her Cleavage In Latest Instagram Video

WWE superstar Carmella has shown her 2.7 million Instagram followers how to multitask while looking stunning in the process. The Friday Night SmackDown star took to the social media platform on Tuesday, November 17, and shared a GIF of herself drinking Starbucks from her cleavage.

In the upload, Carmella sat on a cream-colored sofa, chilling underneath a duvet, with a cup tucked between her chest area. She drank her beverage through a straw while checking her phone.

Carmella's dog sat beside her on the couch, sniffing a gray fabric while she played on her phone. The pair of them appeared to be enjoying their time at home.

The WWE superstar rocked a black bathing suit and kept her hair in a bun. She wore a bracelet on her left wrist to top off her simple choice of attire.

Carmella also appeared to be in the Christmas spirit. A tree decorated with bobbles and ornaments was visible in the background, most of which were gold in color.

A bright blue swimming pool could also be spotted outside, which was empty at the time. However, it was Carmella and her multitasking that captured most of the attention.

In the accompanying caption, she revealed she was an expert multitasker. Her followers appreciated this statement and some of them took to the comments section to congratulate her while complimenting her beauty.

"Multitasking at its finest," one Instagram user wrote.

"Ahahah seems like you got it all under control," noted a second Instagrammer.

"You are so pretty, [you] will dominate. [Please] follow me back," a third Instagrammer pleaded.

Many of the commenters simply dropped emojis, most of which were love hearts or fire icons. The video has been viewed over 41,000 times as of this writing. The footage has also received over 13,000 likes from the wrestler's appreciative fans.

As The Inquisitr previously documented, Carmella is known for wowing her followers with swimsuit outfits on social media. She recently wore a yellow bikini and clapped back at wrestling fans who criticized her appearance.

Her naysayers are very much in the minority, however, as she always receives more compliments than insults whenever she uploads a snap or clip.

Carmella might be a huge fan favorite on social media, but "The Princess of Staten Island" is currently one of Friday Night SmackDown's main antagonists.

She recently returned to television with a new gimmick and attacked Sasha Banks, who is the current Women's Champion on the blue brand's weekly show.