Tijuana Drug Tunnel, Complete With Elevator, Uncovered By Police [Video]

Federal Officials recently uncovered one of the most sophisticated drug tunnels they have ever seen. The drug tunnel, which was equipped with hydraulic doors, electric lighting, rail cars, and a working elevator, started in Tijuana, Mexico, and ended in San Diego, California.

Lauren Mack, a spokesperson for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcemen, said the drug tunnel was the “most sophisticated that we have discovered perhaps ever, but definitely at least in the last five years.”

The sophisticated drug tunnel was set to move a huge amount of marijuana between Mexico and the United States. On Tuesday, federal officials said that along with the underground drug railroad, they found 32 tons of marijuana.

Here’s a video about the Tijuana drug tunnel.

According to ABC, the tunnel was more than 600 yards long. The sophisticated tunnel, coupled with the 32 tons of marijuana, was valued at $65 million.

ICE special agent Derek Benner said that officials found the tunnel before smugglers were ever able to put it into use. Benner said:

“From the conditions inside the passageway and our ongoing investigation, we’re confident we’ve been able to shut this operation down before the perpetrators were able to use it for smuggling narcotics. It’s clear though, from the level of sophistication involved, that the criminal organization responsible for constructing this tunnel had very ambitious plans.”

The ICE said that the tunnel was discovered after a six month investigation by San Diego’s dedicated Tunnel Task Force and Mexican authorities.

ABC reports that more than 75 drug tunnels, connecting the US and Mexico, have been discovered since 2007.

What do you think about the war on drugs? Are you happy that this sophisticated drug tunnel was discovered before smugglers were able to use it? Do you think the war on drugs is a waste of money?