JFK Bomb Threat Being Investigated

A bomb threat at JFK Airport in New York City has sent authorities scrambling to sweep an airplane that landed there on Sunday afternoon. WABC-7 reports that local authorities are already in the process of investigating a bomb threat directed at a plane that landed at the airport.

The bomb threat was against an individual airplane that landed at JFK earlier in the day. American Airlines Flight 67, which started in Barcelona, Spain, and landed at JFK around 12:07 p.m. local time, was the only specified target. The bomb threat was received by telephone, sending local police scrambling to meet the plane when it landed. They then isolated it away from the main airport terminal and removed passengers.

As of about 2 p.m. local time, there were no passengers on the plane, and it was being checked for a bomb.

One passenger sent out a flurry of messages on Twitter about the conditions inside of the plane after it landed at JFK. Jacob Rosenberg, whose Twitter bio says he is based in New York City and that he occasionally writes on his technology blog, posted the following updates.

The New York Post also reports that firefighters and local police K-9 units were on the scene to help with the bomb search at JFK. They told the newspaper that the circumstances of the JFK bomb threat are still not clear right now.

[Photo: Courtesy Jacob Rosenberg @jrosenberg]