Billy Joel To Set Record At Madison Square Garden

Billy Joel is set to break the record for the most shows played by one performer at Madison Square Garden this upcoming summer with his 65th concert. Although the singer has not released a recorded album since 1993, he is still selling out concerts at one of the world’s largest concert venues. With 33 hits and a seemingly endless roster of crowd-pleasing tunes, Billy Joel takes a helicopter to and from his Long Island home to perform the monthly MSG “residence” concert.

The Inquisitr recently covered Billy Joel’s serenade to ex-wife Christie Brinkley during an August performance of “Uptown Girl.” The video of his performance during the Madison Square Garden concert drew attention as Brinkley attended with her family. With nostalgic sweetness, she was quoted as saying “he’s still got it.”

Joel first played at Madison Square Garden in 1978. With great success, he’s continued to include the venue during career tours. His last sold-out concert series in 2006, before the monthly residency shows, earned him a banner as one of the venue’s legends. Billy Joel, 65, has been able to perform each show with fans still anticipating additional dates. He has agreed to keep playing the residency until demand slows down or until he is unable to perform.

Previously, the record for the most shows at Madison Square Garden was set by former touring pal, Elton John. The Grammy Award-winning artist has become the first musical franchise for the venue, giving the Garden a unique opportunity to feature Joel on a monthly basis in New York City.

Reviews for the show have been generally positive, even through Ticketmaster’s reviewing star system. Joel himself seems to enjoy the monthly commitment as a way to connect with fans and share his music. For many locals, especially those from Long Island, Billy Joel’s music is a trip down memory lane with familiar lyrics about growing up in the area. The tickets keep selling out with fans who live in the area or visit the NYC area and catch Billy Joel’s concert.

Billy Joel may not be recording albums and still lives in his home on Long Island, but he’s a superstar with an ageless fan base. Just before the Thanksgiving holiday, he received a great surprise when Sting and John Mellencamp joined Billy Joel on stage. Mellencamp sang “Crumblin’ Down” and Sting played a more obscure Billy Joel tune, “Big Man on Mulberry Street.”

Billy Joel was recently honored by ASCAP with a Centennial Award. Sting sang during that award presentation, too. Joel returned the supportive favor for his friend by telling the concert crowd to go see Sting’s new Broadway musical, The Last Ship.

Even though all three artists did not perform at the same time together, it was certainly a treat for the concert goers. All three musicians are legends with active musical projects. The Inquisitr recently reported on Mellencamp’s announcement of upcoming tour dates. Along with Sting’s upcoming performances on Broadway and Joel’s ongoing monthly residence, it is clear music keeps people young at heart.

[Photo courtesy of Ethan Miller/Getty Images]