‘The Fosters’ Spoilers: What Can Fans Expect From The Christmas Special?

The Fosters returns with a Christmas special on ABC Family soon, and fans are anxious to know what to expect. Season 2 picks up again in January, but fans will get an opportunity to embrace the family ahead of time once again with the December 8 special. What Fosters spoilers are available regarding the upcoming special?

TVLine shares some Fosters spoilers regarding the Christmas special. Viewers will see plenty regarding Callie and Brandon’s brief romance, as there will be a flashback to Callie’s first Christmas with the family.

This episode will apparently be set mostly in the past rather than be a link between the first and second parts of Season 2. However, it does begin with Brandon and Callie’s kiss that happened right at the end of the Season 2 summer finale. Despite the kiss, Wyatt will still be around too, and viewers will surely have to wait for Season 2 to get in to full swing again to see where Callie is headed in terms of romance.

Also ahead in the Christmas special, viewers will learn new things about every character on the canvas. The December 8 episode may be a show that is orchestrated to take place outside the traditional season, but there will still be information revealed about everybody that will come back in some way throughout the rest of Season 2.

Stef’s mom, played by Annie Potts, returns, and it seems that Stef will uncover something very interesting and surprising about her deceased father. A Fosters spoiler sneak peek shared via the show’s Facebook page teases fans about that reveal, as well as about Lena’s frustrations regarding her own family.

Lena indicates that she’s hurt that Dana is spending the holiday with Nathan instead of them, which she finds insulting. Many fans are confused about the reference to Nathan, not feeling sure who he is. It seems that he is her brother, but obviously they are not on good terms.

Stef will be talking about how broke her father was, until she comes across a bank statement showing that he had a money market with a pretty surprising amount of money in it. Will this lead to some changes for the family? From what fans are noticing in the Fosters spoiler clip, the money would be plenty to help them out, but not so much that it’ll make them overwhelmingly wealthy.

The Christmas special definitely has fans buzzing, and they can’t wait to tune in and check it out. The Fosters holiday special airs on ABC Family on December 8, with the return of season 2 coming on January 19.

[Image via Salon]