Body Of Baby Dug Up On Beach: Boys Ages 6 And 7 Unearth Dead Infant Buried In Sandy Grave

The body of baby was discovered on a beach in Sydney, Australia, Sunday morning — by two young boys ages six and seven who were playing in the sand. Police are now desperately searching for the mother of the dead infant, fearing that her health or safety may be in danger.

The baby is believed by witnesses to be a girl, but police said that due to the decomposed state of the tiny body, medical examiners were not immediately able to determine the gender.

The well-being of the two boys who discovered the partially decomposed body of what police described as a “very small” baby has also become a serious concern.

“The under six Nippers were digging in the sand and they found it,” a local lifeguard, who declined to be named, told the local media. “It’s just awful. It will have traumatized the poor kids for life, no matter how much counseling they get.”

The body of the baby was discovered on the popular Marourbra Beach which, while mostly densely packed with sunbathers and surfers, includes remote marshy areas at the north and south ends.

Those areas of the beach are not clearly visible from the main beach areas, and are visited by lifeguards and local police on patrol only occasionally. As a result, the far ends of the beach have been the sites of illicit activity in the past.

“Suspect activity happens down there all the time, we need CCTV cameras.” said lifeguard patrol Captain Phil Dutton.

The two boys, who are now undergoing psychological counseling to deal with their horrifying discovery, were playing on the south end of the beach when they uncovered the dead baby’s body under about a foot of sand.

“It’s a very small infant child,” said Police Inspector Andrew Holland. “The sex and age of the child are unable to be determined at this point due to the decomposition.”

The grisly and heartbreaking discovery of the infant body on the beach comes barely a week after a newborn baby was dropped down a storm drain in Sydney, allegedly by its own mother. That baby was miraculously able to survive its terrifying ordeal, and was discovered and rescued when passing bicyclists heard its crying from beneath a drain cover.

On the Sydney Beach, where the body was found at about 10 a.m. local time Sunday (6 p.m. Saturday U.S. East Coast time), police have declared the area where the baby was discovered to be a crime scene, and forensic detectives combed the area until 4:30 Sunday afternoon.