Who Is Ian Ziering Of The 'Celebrity Apprentice' 2015 Season?

Ian Ziering has battled sharks and romanced young ladies on Beverly Hills, 90210, but the actor is about to tackle a new challenge: Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice. Ziering is currently filming Sharnado 3, but his turn on Trump's long-running reality TV show begins soon. What do viewers need to know about Ian?

Ziering first became a household name to many when he starred as Steve Sanders on the original Beverly Hills, 90210. Though he had done plenty of other entertainment projects both before and after 90210, the recent Sharknado phenomenon is what brought him back into the public eye.

The actor filmed Celebrity Apprentice months ago, but NBC is finally giving it an air date. The new season, also starring Kate Gosselin, Kenya Moore, Lorenzo Lamas, Brandi Glanville, Vivica A. Fox, Kevin Jonas, and more premieres on January 4.

Just how far will Ian Ziering make it in the new season? Celebrity Apprentice spoilers indicate that he may well be one to watch this season, but it seems unlikely he'll be stirring up trouble like fans expect to see from many of the ladies.

As for Sharknado, Ziering recently tweeted that the third installment will come next summer and he will be part of it. He has tweeted some additional posts about the series, and he also noted that the second movie will hit Netflix on December 6. The movie franchise has become quite the pop culture classic already, and it's clear that Ian knows how to have fun with it.

When it comes to Ziering's personal life, many 90210 fans remember that he used to be married to Nikki Ziering, a former Playboy Playmate. They were married from 1997 to 2002. As IMDb notes, Ian married Erin Ludwig in 2010. They live in Los Angeles and have two daughters, Mia and Penna.

Ziering did Dancing with the Stars in 2007, where he was partnered with Cheryl Burke. They had a bit of a rough time of it throughout Season 4, often landing in the middle of the pack. They did have some fantastic performances, though, and they were eliminated just before the finals. That is the season that Apolo Anton Ohno and Julianne Hough won.

Will Ian Ziering become a fan favorite during the new season of Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice? Given his recent success with the Sharknado series and his sense of humor, many suspect he will and fans can't wait to jump into the fun of the new season beginning on January 4.

[Image via Fox News]