Anna Cardwell Makes Fans Turns Against Her... By Begging For Cash

It's better to give than to receive? Apparently not if the receiver is a former reality TV star.

Celebrity news website TMZ reports that there is more fan backlash against the cast of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, but not at the cast member you're thinking of. While in the past two months television matriarch "Mama" June Shannon has drawn fan ire for her behavior, now it's her daughter Anna Cardwell that's under fire. It seems that over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, Cardwell was soliciting donations from fans on a FundMe page.

"Anna for here comes honey boo boo and Im not that famous yall donate if yall want it's fine and I'm not begging I'm asking but plz be nice and donate what ever yall what and it would help us out alot"

On the page, Cardwell identifies herself and asks for any help people can provide, though she doesn't specify the reason, but it seems the former reality star is cash strapped. In a post to her Facebook account just before Thanksgiving, Anna Cardwell told fans she was thinking of starting a business to improve her cash flow problems.

"Hey everyone I need yall to do me a huge favor if yall got anything for like causes like bracelet shirt or anything I'm going to maybe start a business and sell everything and so few things of my own like shirts and pants and other stuff and if yall got some old cute shirt and pant in any size let me and and I can get them."

Fan reaction to Anna Cardwell's request for assistance was swift, but not all of it was positive. The most frequently asked question on the FundMe page is "Why would you be [because] that's what you're basically doing."

According to Cardwell, she's just following fan suggestions. Anna Cardwell made a Facebook post about opening a PayPal account on November 25, most of the fans merely tell Cardwell where and how she can use her new PayPal account, but one fan does suggest she solicit donations.

"Anna once you have set it up, it would be a great idea for fans to donate towatd(sp) you or money for you to do meet and greets!! I would definatly(sp) be there to support you and I know so many off your other fans. I think it's a great idea! but you would have to come to Greenville SC."

Why does Anna Cardwell need money at all? Cardwell has long maintained that her mother, Mama June, emptied the $30,000 trust fund she'd set up for Anna Cardwell. Cardwell claims the money went to buy a car for Mark McDainel, the convicted sex offender June has allegedly been seeing, but June denied those claims.

"I have never brought a car for him and all her money is there," June said. "[B]eside the money I have given her to live on -- $400 every month and pay her $475 each month for cell phone bills for the last two years. That's the only money I have taken out of there."

Cardwell's financial situation may not always be so dire. According to her Facebook page, Anna Cardwell is currently working on a tell-all book, and is trying to muster fan support for a spin-off series focusing on her life.

Would you watch a Here Comes Honey Boo Boo spin-off? Do you think Anna Cardwell is telling the truth?