‘Revenge’ Spoilers: ‘Intel’ Brings Revelations As Information Becomes A Weapon

A new episode of Revenge airs Sunday night on ABC, and it looks like it’s going to be a great one. Viewers know that Emily is keeping yet another big secret, but how long can she keep her plans under wraps? There are a few Revenge spoilers available for the November 30, episode and fans won’t want to miss them.

TVLine shares a new sneak peek at the Season 4, Episode 9 show titled “Intel.” Emily is torturing the man she has hidden away, trying to get intel on who hired him to attack her father. As she’s getting into the thick of her torture, Officer Ben Hunter rings the doorbell.

It seems that Ben had been out for a couple of drinks and gained some liquid courage to head to Emily’s and try to ask her out. While this might be a bit of an awkward time for Emily to embark upon a new romance, photos from “Intel” indicate that she must decide to accept. It appears that she even might have some fun, but she may have other reasons for agreeing to go.

Will this potential romance between Emily and Ben really go anywhere? Most fans don’t seem to expect so, or don’t want it, but everybody will have to tune in to find out.

The official TV Guide synopsis teases Revenge spoilers that Nolan will offer up some intel of his own to try to salvage his reputation. In addition, Victoria and Emily both learn that information can be a very dangerous weapon. The drama’s Facebook page shows a cleaned-up David and a note that indicates he’s not going anywhere without his daughter. Is he putting his foot down and taking control?

Though many shows have already aired their midseason finales, Revenge has both the November 30 and December 7 episodes ahead yet before their winter break hits. Just how will viewers be left hanging? When it comes to this show, one never knows. Luckily, the break won’t be too long, as the show returns in early January.

Emily is reunited with her father now and has gotten much of the revenge she sought, but she’s not done yet. Just how far will she go to get the information she wants and wreck havoc for anyone who has crossed her or her father? She’s shown she has few, if any, boundaries, and it doesn’t look like that’s changing any time soon.

Tune in to the Season 4, Episode 9 show of Revenge titled “Intel” airing on Sunday, November 30 to see just what Emily has planned next.

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