German Shepherd Saves Family In Road Rage Attack, Dies A Hero From Gunshot Wounds

One brave dog is dead after saving his human family from a gunman in a road rage attack over the weekend in Atlanta. Police are searching for a shooter who fired shots into a vehicle loaded with children that resulted in the death of a German Shepherd, according to an 11 Alive news report.

Police say a woman driving a Chevy Suburban was followed to a strip mall on Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard in the West End. Earlier, the driver of another vehicle allegedly cut the woman off, according to a police report. At the mall, a gunman pulled his vehicle alongside the family after they parked. Next, the alleged road rage shooter opened fire into the family’s vehicle, according to one of the unidentified victims.

“About five minutes later, they pulled back through. They just rolled right up; they pulled a gun out and started (shooting).”

The family took cover as bullets penetrated the passenger compartment. And that’s when the German Shepherd dog jumped into action. The owners said the K-9 appeared to jump in front of one of the children. As a result, it shielded them from a bullet, but the act would prove fatal for the animal.

“They hit the back of his car (with bullets). The dog, I guess, jumped in front of the bullet to save one of the children and the wife.”

A person who witnessed the shooting from the road rage attack echoed the statements from the victims about the dog’s heroic act. Later, the mortally wounded animal was seen in surveillance camera footage trotting past a shop. It was later found dead behind a building.

“The dog took the bullet for the kids so the kids would be safe.”

A spokesperson from the Atlanta Police Department weighed in on the apparent strip mall shooting.

“They were fired upon and their family was terrorized. They survived that only to find that their pet is now gone. It’s sad for the whole family, especially the day after Thanksgiving,” said Sgt. Gregory Lyon.

Unfortunately, road rage attacks are becoming all too common in the news. Months ago, a California mom of four was a passenger in a car when she was shot in the head by a driver. Apparently, the woman and her husband were driving to a supermarket to fetch ingredients to prepare a dish for a Sunday football game. The suspected shooter apparently was not happy about the manner in which the woman’s husband was driving. The victim died later in their driveway, and the suspect was arrested.

The suspect in the Atlanta road rage shooting is still at large. The dog’s act of heroism is further proof why they are man’s best friend.

[Image via: 321 Dogs]