Memo Touch Tablet Delivers Technology That Makes Sense To Senior Citizens

While the likelihood that you’ll get grandma and grandpa to use an iPad on a regular basis is probably fairly low, you might be able to convince them that the Memo Touch tablet can actually make their lives easier by organizing the activities their most worried about forgetting.

The device is used to store important day-to-day reminders, for example medication alerts are delivered at their scheduled times, while emergency numbers can be dialed with the press of a button and photo albums can be accessed to look at pictures of family and friends.

The best part about the device is the online collaborative which allows family members to log into the device from anywhere and upload calendar events, store phone numbers for grandma and grandpa and even add to-do items, share photos and personalize messages.

The Memo Touch is based off the Archos 101 Tablet and sells for $299. The device also requires a $174 (six month) or $300 (12-month) subscription which will provide access to the web based application needed to make the product worthwhile.

Memo Touch is also offering a 3-month return policy in which the device can be returned for a refund or flashed back to it’s original Google Android using roots.

Do you think the Memo Touch makes a good present for grandma and grandpa as the holiday gift giving season is upon us?