The Spy Who Loved Me

From our regular contributor, Fake Steve Gillmor

On demand computing has seen some significant challenges since the 18th century. From Amazon rainforests to Rackspace, Gnipping at iPhone software and hardware rollouts, strategies that require more than Art of War tactics.

The ongoing saga with the Twitter proves that efficient microcosms in laboratories are not ideal for cloning. Bad, unruly stoned birds result in increased consumption of those services (aka the munchies) that affects the provider’s game plan. As Twitter falls off the perch, the company has stripped mined its memes in a desperate attempt to stop the stability volcano from erupting.

Like Lyre Birds, the rebuilding reaches a crescendo when building materials are acquired from Summizing others. The plan can be routed via Belgium, as the French maginot line offers a serious challenge for the Panzer 38(t), and not enough Panzer II (f) will be around until later in 1940.

The bird though suffers from fragmentary, misleading growth. Pingdom is the Tokyo Rose of the avery, spewing false numbers that have no reflection on the uptime of the overall canary cavalry. XMPP toasters offer fresher versions of stale bread to the select few while the rest scrape off the mold. Reply tabs on roses and whiskers on kittens, Bright copper VC’s and warm woolen mittens, building an IM platform like it was Blogger, these aren’t a few of my favorite things.

Ev Williams comes across like Nixon. Seriously. Twhirl is his Vietnam, man. is North Korea, Plurk is Cuba and Utterz is…well no one knows. There’s a cover up a foot, and we need to call James Bond to save the day. I’d D: MI6, but Twitter is down.

Can Twitterspy defeat Bond and save the day? and who was the better Bond, Peter Sellers or Sean Connery. Is a kilt really like a dress?

Yahoo has its role in this, with or without its acquisition by a front company for the Chinese Government once the Microsoft cultural revolution has pillaged the map for the holy grail of C grade advertising and search. Indiana Jones…why I see there’s a new Star Wars coming out. Olympic fanfares. A common Seque.

The very vehemence of these strategies and bird contortions in locking down the XMPP toasters underscore the emergence of China as the world super power in kitchen appliances. Shaken, not stirred, and make sure the canary is dead before it leaves the coal mine. Or at least over the age of consent, we don’t want anyone to get into trouble.