David Guetta’s Role In Charities

David Guetta, more popularly known as the “Master of Dance,” according to Billboard, is a French superstar with the hoarse and slightly rough voice and the appearance of being unkempt. The DJ has begun to show well-deserved exhaustion after years of partying and running a rough schedule.

Fans know that David Guetta has always sported the rugged, just up from a nap look. David Guetta has taken a major role in the careers of many different artists over the years.

David Guetta has a long history of singing alongside of famous bands like AC/DC. He recently survived a messy divorce from wife Cathy Guetta, reports Inquisitr, who was also his business partner for over 22 years. David Guetta states that he is trying to reinvent himself as an artist, but he still loves to “party and have fun.”

David Guetta claims to be as happy as ever, but according to fans, he is beginning to show his age and the turmoil that his life has produced. David Guetta states that it is challenging to reinvent himself with every album, but that he feels it is necessary to provide a new side of himself and a new perspective of his own life with every music track.

David Guetta states that he takes a lead role in writing all of his songs, but he does partner with other experienced writers and artists to create the perfect song every time. Even though David Guetta insists on reinventing himself in every album, he has decided to reinvent himself completely as an artist to appeal to a different crowd and to reflect the changes in his life.

Over the years, David Guetta has donated to various charities, including to the recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa. He also donates regularly to City of Hope, Global Fund, i.am scholarship Fund, Red Cross, STOMP out Bullying, and the United Nations Foundation.

David Guetta feels that the most important causes right now are AIDS and HIV, at-risk youths, bullying, cancer, children, disaster relief, education, environment, health, human rights, peace, poverty, and women.

David Guetta is one of the most popular French composers and musicians, as well as one of the largest contributors to charities in comparison to income. David Guetta regularly speaks out to get those who have the power to make a change and donate feel challenged to make a difference with their wealth.