Angry Driver Confronts Ferguson Protesters After They Cause Communters To Be Late To Work [Video]

Drivers on San Diego’s I-5 were frustrated after demonstrators protesting the jury’s decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown caused traffic to come to a standstill.

One driver, Tyree Landrum, took to the streets to ensure the protesters knew exactly who they were hurting with their actions. Landrum approached the demonstrators and informed them that they were going to make him late to work. He went on to say he has six children to feed and that “they need to deal with the issue the right way, not like this.” Landrum noted that not only were the protesters doing nothing to bring justice to Michael Brown, they were hurting hard-working citizens in the process.

Landrum became frustrated when protesters wouldn’t listen to his plea to allow him to get to work. At that point, he pushed one of the protesters in an attempt to take his bullhorn. The demonstrators were chanting, “No Justice. No Peace!” Landrum responds that everyone waiting in the traffic has no justice either.

The line of student protestors had blocked all lanes of traffic during the morning rush hour. This made it impossible for people to make it to work. People from many professions, including healthcare workers, can be seen standing outside of their vehicles as the traffic stood still. One nurse notes how it isn’t just people who could lose their jobs over the incident. In fact, it could be a life or death situation for some.

“We have doctors and nurses who have to save lives here.”

What do you think of the Ferguson protests around the country? Are actions such as these, blocking rush hour traffic, doing anything to gain justice for Michael Brown? Or are the protests causing more harm than good? Was the angry driver justified in his actions?