Child Services Rescue Children Who Were Living With A Corpse

Halloween 2013. A child services contractor was called to the scene of a house to check on 33-year-old Tiffany Kain, who suffered from spina bifida and multiple sclerosis.

Upon arrival to the home in Holly Hill, Florida, representatives from Community Families, Inc., a contractor for the Department of Children and Families, found “deplorable” conditions, RT reports.

Todd LaDuke, 39, pictured above, and girlfriend Nicole Scalise were living at the home with three children, one who was just six years old. There was garbage and animal feces everywhere, court records claim, and just across the hall from where the five slept, child services reps found the body of Kain in a state of decomposition.

LaDuke did not want to tell anyone because he and his girlfriend were using Kain’s Social Security benefits.

This week, LaDuke was sentenced. He received five years in state prison followed by another five years of probation while Scalise received a three-year jail term earlier in 2014.

The children, reports state, were taken into the care of the Department of Children and Families.

In a separate report at the time of the incident from News Daytona Beach, police found evidence of drug use in the home. The report also discloses that another child was 11 years old and that there was “dog feces and urine” in the home.

“The couple admitted to using the dead woman’s E.B.T. and Social Security benefits and police think they did so even after she died,” the site remarked. “They’ve been charged with child neglect and other counts and are at the Volusia Branch Jail.”

An autopsy was conducted on the manner and cause of Tiffany Kain’s death, but the results were believed to be natural causes and LaDuke and Scalise were not suspected of or charged with foul play.

Unfortunately, the horrifying reality of child neglect happens all too often as the Inquisitr has reported on numerous times.

One particularly heart-wrenching story from October 30, 2014, involved a young 12-year-old boy, who went blind because of it, authorities claim.

The child and his two-year-old sister were subjected to neglect for around six years, a report has revealed. Gillian Hendry and Craig Dick, both of whom are aged 34, were the parents who failed to care or look after their children in the correct manner. They have both now been jailed. Hendry has been imprisoned for two and a half years while Dick will serve two years and two months inside.

The duo pleaded guilty to the charges of child neglect that had been brought against them. But a report documenting their treatment of the pair has now been released, and it unfortunately reveals that there were several opportunities for authorities to intervene — but they failed to do so.

The unnamed 12-year-old was forced to live in such filthy, horrific and stinking conditions that he lost sight in his left eye because cataracts had infested it to such a devastating extent.

In the case that child services discovered with the kids living with a corpse, do you think the punishments fit the crime?