Watch As News Station Accidentally Captures Drug Deal On Live TV [Video]

Many were left scratching their heads after an apparent drug deal was captured accidentally by a local news station during a blizzard report.

Drug deals are something that most people think happen in dark back alleys in bad neighborhoods. However, one apparent drug dealer doesn’t mind exchanging goods in broad daylight while being recorded on camera. The “drug deal” was either a cleverly planned photobomb or a drug dealer who doesn’t follow normal dealing protocol. Either way, the video has gone viral on Facebook.

In the video you see two men approaching one another from afar and briefly exchanging a few items. The whole exchange being captured while a Fox 25 correspondent was reporting on a blizzard in Worcester, Massachusetts. When the video pans back to the anchors in the studio they can’t believe what they just witnessed and can be seen laughing.

Many commenters on Facebook who have not taken a drug dealing 101 course seem confused as to how any exchange took place, noting that the guy on the right never got anything from the other guy so there was no “exchange.” However, many drug dealing afficianados quickly pointed out that this was a classic example of the ever popular “one handed exchange” that is used to disguise the exchange. The drugs go in the same hand as the money making the exchange happen in what appears to be a simple handshake.

Others pointed out that it was obvious that someone was pretending to be dealing drugs or a drug deal clearly took place as you can see the man on the right put something, possibly money, into his back pocket after the “handshake.”

What do you think? Was this a funny photobomb prank or a real drug deal caught on live TV by a brave drug dealer?