Donovan McNabb Leaves Minnesota Vikings, Could Join Chicago Bears

Veteran quarterback Donovan McNabb was released by the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday ending his brief time with the organization.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter McNabb asked to be released from his contract so he could seek out a better fit for his talents, a similar move to Kyle Orton who last week was released by the Denver Broncos and quickly picked up by the Kansas City Chiefs.

With his career now placed on the waiver wire McNabb can be picked up by any team will to pay his salary for the last five games of the regular NFL season.

McNabb began the season with a 1-4 start and was pulled from the steams sixth game in front of his hometown Chicago Bears, being replaced by rookie Christian Ponder. The rookie has started every game since replacing McNabb.

In the meantime talks have begun to circulate that the Chicago Bears could pick up McNabb to replace the injured Jay Cutler. After serving time in Washington and Minnesota the change to the Bears would make sense for McNabb who is use to playing on a team with a poor receiving corp and a porous offensive line.

In the meantime Yahoo Sports says of the trade situation in the NFL:

The release of McNabb should increase calls that the NFL’s trade deadline be moved to later in the year. When quarterbacks go down and benched veterans are available on other teams, the market should allow that franchises get something in return for cutting loose an Orton or a McNabb. In the current structure, the Vikings will get nothing in return for McNabb’s release.

Do you believe that Donovan McNabb will end up as a Chicago Bears before weeks end? If not Chicago talks have circulated that he could join Kyle Orton in Kansas.

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