Elderly Golden Retriever Owns Hungry German Shepherd In Spaghetti Eating Competition [Video]

In a battle for the ages, an elderly Golden Retriever takes on a hungry German Shepherd in a spaghetti eating competition.

In the video you see a young and hungry German Shepherd take on an elder Golden Retriever in a spaghetti eating contest. The young dog is owned by the Golden Retriever, who takes just 3.98 seconds to finish his bowl of spaghetti. The German Shepherd takes more than two minutes to complete his dish.

The video has gone viral with over 1 million hits. However, it appears from the comments that many do not understand the nature of the RedditArmie troll. When one commenter, with a blatant troll agenda, called feeding dogs spaghetti as tantamount to animal cruelty, the comments went through the roof. Check out some of the funny comments posted from the RedditArmie.

  • “As a Swedish Homosexual, how it it that you can torture these animals is such a way. Are you even aware of the dangers of providing dogs with a gluten diet? 65% of all dogs have severe gluten allergies which can cause a range of side effects from obesity to cancer, from death to castration. How can YouTube let videos exist online where pet owners purposely inflict animal cruelty on their pets in exchange for internet points? We in Sweden have already banned gluten from the diets of all animal foods, we are very progressive and believe that a gluten-free diet can add an extra 10-15 years lifespan for dogs. If you are looking for a gluten-free alternative, try my partner Lars pet blend called Doggy Loggy, both gluten and organic-free, this limestone based pet food will sure to have your little doggies barking with joy.~Gustaf Farthinder, Homosexual Gluten-Free Animal Rights Activist
  • “What the f***, you cant feed dogs spagetthi, or else they will get sick and die. Trust me I’m a reddit moderator at reddit.com/r/animalrights, i would know.”
  • “Ugh — so now animal abuse is par for the course on youtube these days? As modderator of Reddit’s /r/animalovers I am appalled that you would feed it spaghetti which has been scientifically proven to hurt the digestive system of all animals, humans included. Secondly, why pour food all over such a nice wooden floor like that? If this were in my Karate master’s home in Japan they would be sweeping up blood for days if he caught anyone disrespecting the floor like that.”
  • “To the woman who’s legs are on show in this video, you make me sick. You purposely whored yourself out for Youtube views by conveniently not wearing pants and being in the video, even though the video had nothing to do with you. Whilst the animal abuse in this video is an obvious issue, the bigger issue is how you blatantly objectified yourself for views. It’s disgusting, the feminists of the past would be ashamed of you! -Berta Lovejoy, Feminist, Promoter Of Equality, Love, and Peace.”

Berta Lovejoy And The Trolls Of r/RedditArmie are inundating Youtube and many claim that the users are not really Reddit users, but rather 4Channers making fun of the platform and the banter that takes place.

What do you think of the viral spaghetti eating contest video and the resulting RedditArmie comments?