Baby Buried Alive By Father Is Back With Him After Rescue: Charges Dropped Against Him After Infant Is Rescued

Heather Tooley

A baby buried alive by her father is back with him after she was rescued by some kids playing around outside. In an unbelievable twist, the girl is now back with her father so he can raise her. All charges against him were dropped after the baby had a doctor visit following her rescue.

Kong Put Samnang will undergo a 45-minute operation to correct a physical deformity that her father rejected her over, Phnom Penh Post reports. In a mind-boggling twist, the baby's dad, who was arrested for burying the helpless newborn, had all charges dropped against him because his daughter's condition can be medically repaired. Baby Samnang has a cleft lip, which is fixable. The doctor reassured the child's father that the infant's problem can be corrected. Police have, therefore, let 29-year-old Kong Sokthy off the hook.

Little Samnang was found by a group of young boys playing by a pile of dirt near Svay Rieng Provincial Hospital in southeast Cambodia. The infant had just been born when she was left for dead by her own father. The girl is now 7-months-old.

Sokthy's feelings for his daughter did a complete turnaround when he found out his daughter could be made to appear normal. Samnang's mother, Heng Dany, says she "never thought that her lip could be changed."

When it comes to her daughter's father, she says things are good.

"He loves my daughter so much now," Dany says.

Dr Mok Theavy is the doctor willing to provide the free surgery. He says the procedure will be fairly simple.

"It's easy to fix, and the results are very good, she will be able to eat well, and the scar will be mostly invisible."

In Cambodia, one in 500 children get cleft lip. It's highly stigmatized and very misunderstood. Parents will easily walk away from their babies over the defect.

In a previous report by the Inquisitr, another baby was buried alive by her father because her mother wouldn't have sex with him. She, too, was rescued. The father didn't have charges dropped against him. He claims he did it out of anger.

[Image via Phnom Penh Post]