Suspect Tries To Rob Delivery Truck Driver, Ends Up Losing Gun To Victim

A delivery truck driver delivering propane to a Sunoco gas station in Port Charlotte disarmed his assailant and “fired several shots” as the man fled in what police believe to be a maroon Toyota Camry.

A witness at the scene said that he heard a shot ring out and looked up to see two men wrestling with each other on the grass. The man who was later identified (but not named) as the delivery truck driver was able to get his hands on the weapon and take shots at the perpetrator, who was described as “a black male between five-foot-six and five-foot-eleven weighing around 200 pounds.”

To date, police have been unable to find the suspect, and it’s unlikely they’ll be able to do so via the traditional route wherein a criminal trips himself up bragging about his crimes.

There’s an unspoken street stigma about allowing a victim to take away your weapon and use it against you, so officers will likely be confined to the Camry as their primary piece of evidence.

The victim in the attempted robbery was treated for “minor cuts and bruises,” but should be okay. He declined to be interviewed by ABC-7 out of the Port Charlotte area.

Authorities urged people in the area to not approach the vehicle if they saw it, but to call police immediately at the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, 941-639-2101.

This certainly hasn’t been a good week for criminals. On Friday, the Inquisitr told you about a man in Santiago, Chile, who attempted to rob a retired man at knife point only to have an angry mob apprehend him, strip him naked, and cling-wrap him to a lamppost in the morning sun.

In that particular case, neither the initial victim or the accused robber have filed any charges. It’s unlikely the delivery truck driver will see any either.

What about you, readers? Have you experienced a similar situation where someone tried to rob you or commit a crime against you? How did, or how would you react, in the same situation as the delivery truck driver? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

[Image via ABC-7, linked above]