Darren Wilson: Supporters Reportedly Raise Estimated $500K In Donations Via Facebook For Ferguson Police Officer

Darren Wilson may not be returning to law enforcement, but that definitely does not mean he won’t have source of income. According to New York Daily News, an anonymous woman recently started a Facebook group in support of the Ferguson police officer following the highly-publicized shooting of unarmed youth Michael Brown. She refused to disclose her real name for fear of threats and reprisal. The woman revealed she received a number of death threats after establishing her first support page in Wilson’s defense so she refuses to share her identity.

Now the group, which has nearly 100,000 supporters, has reportedly raised an estimated $500,000. However, she also explained that the staggering estimate is cumulative. There are reportedly two groups that have been founded in support of Wilson, and the amount could actually double in wake of the grand jury’s decision not to indict him. Paraphernalia such as hoodies and wristbands were also sold and all funds collected were donated in support of Wilson.

The Facebook Support group We Are Darren Wilson also has a GoFundMe account that has been established for the Ferguson Police Department and First Responders. Before the account was initially closed, more than $235,000 was reportedly raised. However, that particular fund was not specifically created for Wilson’s defense. Although many reportedly scrutinized the woman for her efforts in support of Wilson, surprisingly she revealed she isn’t much different from the Brown family. She also shared details about a similar tragedy that happened in her own life with Mail Online.

“My dad, when I was 17, was shot and killed by police. My dad was Caucasian so it didn’t make it past the nightly news. I know that people really want somebody to blame. At 17 years old I wanted somebody to blame, I wanted to blame the police at first. Then I wanted to blame myself, then I wanted to blame other people, I wanted to blame drugs. Then, I realized quickly even at that young age; my dad is to blame. My dad attacked a police officer and my dad got shot and killed. I’ve been there, I’ve been where the Brown family is and I know that this is not the answer and I know that if it would have been a black police officer that day and white suspect, any other combination of factors, it wouldn’t have made it past the nightly news.”

As of now, the exact amount in donations has not been released. [Image via NewsWeek]