80-Year-Old Man Donates Suit To Goodwill, Loses Life Savings

An 80-year-old man made the mistake of a lifetime recently when he donated a suit to thrift store chain Goodwill. The senior forgot to check his jackets pockets at the time of his donation and in the process lost his entire life savings.

According to the Chicago Tribune the senior donated his suit at a store in Moline, Illinois and in the pockets was $13,000 that the man forgot to remove. After hours of checking through the stories warehouse the suit was gone and along with it his money.

In a sad turn of events it turns out that the $13,000 was being used to pay for his wife’s medical bills as she continues her fight against cancer.

In happier news the story has spread like wildfire and now people from all over the world have begun to offer their support, including money to pay for his wife’s medical needs. Unfortunately the old man will not accept the donations, according to his daughter:

“We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity … but my father’s wishes are to respectfully decline any donations of any kind. He only wanted someone to come forward with the money he gave away by mistake.”

According to workers at the Goodwill location it’s a longshot that the money will be returned, as they noted:

“It’s safe to say we’ve searched thousands of pounds.”

This would be a good time for anyone reading this to explain to their grandparents that banks now offer full protection for their money up to $250,000, there isn’t a month that goes by where I don’t write a story about another senior citizen losing their life savings because they were too afraid to put it in a bank.

[Image via ShutterStock.com]