Gloria Estefan Considering ‘Glee’ Stint

Remember Gloria Estefan?

Her music was the background to barbecues throughout the 80’s, and she hit the top of the charts a few times with singles like “Words Get in the Way,” “Anything for You” and “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You.” But at the peak of her success in 1990, Estefan was sidelined by a serious tour bus accident in Pennsylvania that left her critically injured and in need of intense therapy to return to touring ten months later. Since the accident, her music has mainly been a staple of Adult Contemporary charts.

However, that didn’t stop the Glee kids from reportedly becoming big fans of the Latin music star. On the heels of news that Ricky Martin is set to join the Glee cast as Lima High’s new Spanish teacher, Entertainment Weekly reports that Estefan may be also signing on to the musical dramedy in a relatively big role. It’s said that Estefan is in talks to play the part of Glee Club mean girl Santana’s mother, in a more detailed story arc about the teen’s sexuality and her family’s acceptance of the fact she’s gay. EW says:

Last night, we met Santana’s grandmother, who did not approve of her granddaughter’s lesbian lifestyle. But we haven’t heard from her parents, who Santana claimed were supportive of their daughter’s coming out. Gleeks should expect to see Gloria in the same episode as Martin in January. Our source tells us that the entire cast is “really really big fans of hers and we love her music and her husband’s music.” In fact, the plan is for the episode is to feature some of Estefan’s own music as well as some other bilingual tunes.

Will you tune in to see Gloria Estefan on Glee?