Burglars Ransack Sunnyvale Techie’s House, Home Computer Records Their Video In HD [Video]

Have you noticed how crappy the quality of videos showing burglary attempts and theft generally are? Most of the footage you see from surveillance cameras are next to unusable, with the suspects hardly recognizable. Here’s one exception: KRON 4 News has posted a video of what is believed to be the clearest video ever of two burglars in action.

Recently, the home of a techie from Sunnyvale, California, was burgled. Two burglars, a man and a woman, barged in to the home, located on Duane Avenue, and made away with expensive electronic goods (including a MacBook Pro). It is unclear if the home had CCTV cameras installed. However, looking at the actions of the burglars, it is almost clear that they realized that the home was “insecure,” and that there was no CCTV camera recording their activities. This is evident in the total nonchalant way in which they move across the room, looking for things to steal.

Little did the burglars know that the home computer placed in the room, an iMac, was recording all their activities and their faces in full high definition glory. The owner of the home had kept the video recording option on the computer on before she left home. With the display turned off, the burglars had no clue that their actions were being recorded.

In the video, you can clearly see the female burglar entering the home first and searching all over for stuff she could cram into a bag she is carrying. She spots a MacBook, some cables, and a few other items that she stashes into the bag. Seconds later, a man is seen entering the room. He joins her and looks for stuff to steal. You can see that the man even steals a belt that he finds in the room.
Interestingly, the male burglar is wearing a t-shirt that reads, “Moneytakers”! The woman also finds the charger for the MacBook later.

Towards the middle of the video which is over three-minutes long, the camera of the iMac is turned away after the burglars accidentally move its display away from them. The computer nevertheless keeps on recording. The couple, eventually leave, happy with what they could find.

According to the resident of the home, she has lost several electronic and clothing items. She is more worried about her passport and documents she had received in the mail, though. The homeowner, who has not been identified yet, is concerned that the details the burglars find in her mail could be used for identity thief.

The police however are now hopeful that the burglars, whose faces are clearly seen would be caught soon.

[Image Via YouTube]