Beauty Trend: Dyed, Colored, Unshaven Under Armpit Hair, Sexy Or Not?

Traciy Reyes

Dyed, tinted, or colored unshaven armpit hair is the newest beauty trend, according to Daily Mail. At a very young age in U.S. American culture girls are taught to shave the hair from their armpits. Every single woman on earth, unless they have a medical condition, grows hair under their arms naturally. But in Western culture, girls and women are taught that hair under a woman's arms is unsightly, ungodly, and well, 'un-sexy.'

Gross, icky, disturbing, freaky, and just plain nasty, are some of the choice words that are used to describe how many feel a woman looks with armpit hair. Others argue that under arm hair on a woman is beautiful, and that it depends on the person and the culture.

Speaking of culture, in some countries, and in some American sub-groups, under arm hair is considered attractive and sexy. A woman is seen as more natural and sexual when she is seen with armpit hair.

Several years ago, a man stated that he was puzzled as to why his girlfriend was hiding her armpit hair and refusing to be intimate with him. Once he discovered her secret, he finally stated that he found her incredibly sensual and attractive. Here's a bit more from an older article at All Things Yoni featuring a comment from the man identified as Mike.

"She tried to pass it off as the "I'm not ready for this" scenario and for a while I bought it. When I finally told her I knew why she hid her body from me, she was shocked that I wasn't disgusted by the thought of her not shaving. I was still a bit unsure how I would react to seeing her, but when I finally got my first look at her I found her natural appearance quite attractive. I must admit I was surprised myself. I had always been attracted to "clean" shaved women. Now I feel shaving isn't a question of cleanliness. It is a question of how social conditioning has affected the American perception that unshaved women are unattractive. I would love to date another hairy woman but unfortunately if I went out and tried to find one I'd be a very lonely person."

According to Jezebel, Some believe that a woman shouldn't have to be subjected to societal standards of beauty. While many women say they are just plain sick and tired of shaving the hair from under the arm daily or weekly.

As the posts are made on social media sites like Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, a bevy of interesting comments are posted in response.

Shaving armpit hair can be traced back to Egyptian times. Coloring the hair under the arm seems to be a new American phenomenon. In a past post on the Inquisitr it was reported that Chinese women often display unshaven underarms on social media. So what say you? Sexy or not?

(Photo Credit: Facebook)