Pregnant Woman Loses Eye: Ferguson Cops Fire ‘Non-Lethal’ Bean Bag Into Woman’s Car, She Loses An Eye

A pregnant woman loses an eye after a Ferguson cop fired a “non-lethal” bean bag into her car. According to the Huffington Post, Dornella Conners is blind in one eye, and can barely see out of the other. The incident happened on Tuesday morning at a gas station in Ferguson, Missouri. Police were out in full force trying to tame a rowdy crowd of protestors that took to the streets following the ruling that did not hold officer Darren Wilson at fault for the shooting death of Michael Brown.

“As she and her boyfriend were driving away from the station, Conners said St. Louis County police surrounded their car. Conners said her boyfriend was trying to avoid interfering with the police while trying to drive away from the gas station. But police said the car was heading right for them. That’s when police shot a bean bag round at the car, shattering the passenger window and injuring Conners,” reports the Huffington Post.

The pregnant woman that lost her eye took to Facebook to share her side of the story.

“Look every one I was not protesting I was in the car with my boyfriend getting gas and snacks, and in a [seat] belt… I have god on my side and for those showing love keep doing what u doing because u guys keeping me going for ya’ll support and for those have something bad too say u can block me,” Conners wrote on Facebook (in part).

According to Slate, there have been demonstrations across the country following the outcome of the Darren Wilson trial. There have been several arrests made, and even more injuries reported since the case closed earlier this week.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Conners’ father spoke out about what happened to his daughter and her boyfriend, who has been thrown in jail following the incident.

“I’m very upset, very disappointed with tactics that (police) used trying to get control of the situation that was going on. I understand they have a tough job, I understand that it was chaos. There was no reason to fire upon innocent person sitting in a vehicle. How can a pregnant person, in a car, in a seat belt, be causing chaos?”

Conners’ unborn baby is believed to be okay.

After the pregnant woman who lost her eye posted photos online, her story went viral. Even celebrities (like Russell Simmons) have forwarded the photo. Do you think police were too tough in this instance, or are they just doing what they need to do to protect themselves and others?

[Photo courtesy of Facebook via Slate]