Batman Vs Darth Vader? The Dark Knight Fights The Dark Side [Video]

Batman vs Vader?

What happens when the Dark Knight fights against the Dark Side?

What happens when the Caped Crusader of Gotham City meets up with the Caped Crusader of the Death Star?

Having the chance to see Batman go head-to-head against Darth Vader might have been a fantasy for comic book and sci-fi fans in the past. You might have had conversations in online forums, discussion boards, and social media groups about what would happen if these two iconic characters had to fight to the death.

Earlier this week, the first teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released online.

Millions of fans and critics are still eagerly waiting for the highly-anticipated teaser trailer for Batman v Superman to be released next month.

In the meantime, Bat in the Sun & Machinima Prime have been able to turn the fantasy of Batman vs Darth Vader a reality with this new video. Since the Batman vs Darth Vader video was first released on Tuesday, it has already been seen more than 2.2 million times.

The Batman vs Vader battle is part of the popular "Super Power Beat Down" series, which is known for putting two iconic characters from the world of pop culture against one another.

What do you think about how the Batman vs Darth Vader battle turned out?

Does it get you excited about seeing the new Star Wars and Batman movies?

[Image Credit: Movie Pilot]