Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Mother, Adrienne Banfield, Shows Off 61-Year-Old Hot Body In Jamaica

Jada Pinkett-Smith’s mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones, has the body of a very young woman. The photo of her mother has been spread all over social media, and the response has been overwhelming. The photo surfaced on Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Facebook page on Friday, November 29, 2014, where she posted the following message, according to Vibe.

“Willow took this shot of her grandmother, my mother, emerging from the ocean today. She is 61! I wanna be her when I grow up:)Happy Friday.”

The beautiful photo was snapped by granddaughter Willow just as Adrienne Banfield-Jones was getting out of the water. The family was enjoying a vacation in Jamaica during the Thanksgiving holiday. Jamaica has great meaning to the family since it is where Jada’s grandmother was born.

Facebook commenters and forum posters were in shock as they looked at Adrienne Banfield-Jones’ beautiful body, with some stating “she get it from her mama,” a comment referencing Jada’s banging body. Some say that not only genetics but money plays a factor in the woman’s ability to keep her body firm and trim. Others argue that it doesn’t take much money to buy food to make healthy recipes, and that exercise is free. Many admit that they don’t have the desire to lose weight and are not bashful about eating their favorite fattening foods.

The post to Jada’s Facebook page received over 777,000 likes and over 6,000 comments.

Nicole Murphy who???”

“Putting some 20 year olds to shame.”

Nichole Murphy has been the poster woman for how to keep a fit body after age 40, along with Jada Pinkett Smith. A quick look at Jada Pinkett’s mother’s Facebook page shows that she is very serious about keeping fit and in shape, and so are many of her friends. One friend even posted a funny photo on Banfield’s Facebook page that jokes about people who say they want to lose weight but really don’t. The photo is captioned this way.

“You say you want to lose weight. The fact that you keep buying ice cream and chips has determined that was a lie.”

The post received over 170 likes and over 100 comments.

“I’m gonna lose weight tommarow today hahahs.”

“had a nice PLATE of banana pudding last night. #noregrets.”

“bring me a 4th white, hot sauce and mild with pepper. Oh don’t forget the pepsi.”

“Sis!!!! I love it. Im Flatlining Rite Now!!♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Jada Pinkett Smith’s strikingly beautiful mother is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. She studied nursing at Coppin State University and is the star leader at Silpada Designs. Last month, Inquisitr reported on Sofia Vergara’s fit body and diet plan.