Corey Sligh: 'Young And The Restless' Actor Beaten On Thanksgiving While Delivering Dinner To Friend

Traciy Reyes

Corey Sligh, actor and model known for his work on The Young and the Restless, was badly beaten on Thanksgiving day, just before delivering a Thanksgiving meal to a friend. CBS News is reporting today that Sligh was beaten after telling a speeding motorist to slow down.

The incident happened in a parking lot of the West Hollywood Rite Aid, where Corey Sligh was walking with his girlfriend and best friend, Alisa J. Berhorst. That's when the couple noticed that a man and a friend were driving recklessly in the parking lot. Witnesses say the two men were doing donuts and other tricks as people walked by.

Corey Sligh then told the obnoxious driver to slow down. The heated exchange prompted the man to hit Corey Slight with the car, then exit the vehicle, where he proceeded to brutally beat Corey Sligh. Alisa J. Berhorst watched in horror as the incident took place.

"They almost hit people in the parking lot. They were hitting curbs, and Corey said, 'Please slow down or we're gonna call the cops, just go home.'"

According to actress Alisa J. Berhorst, what happened next is like something straight out of a movie scene.

"The guy walked up on him like 'I'm in the mood to kill somebody and this is who it's going to be because he told me to be careful and slow down and go away.'"

The two suspects, who had left the scene, were located a short time later after crashing their vehicle. Corey Sligh was transported to Cedars-Sinai Hospital to be treated for his injuries. Both Corey Sligh and Alisa J. Berhorst are happy to be alive today.

In an interview with KCAL9's Laurie Perez, actress Alisa J. Berhorst stated that she has had little to no sleep in the past 24 hours since the crime happened, and that the images are still very fresh in her mind.

Brave young actor Corey Sligh posted the following to his Facebook account.

"Ok so my story will be on KCAL 9 News @ the 10 and 11 pm hour. Trying to feel better! Hope everyone is well and THANK YALL SO MUCH! I especially want to thank my best friend Alisa J Berhorst who has not left my side! I have the best friends in the world."

The 27-year-old actor and Cherokee, Georgia, native studied international business at Georgia Southern University and currently works with the Osbrink Agency in Los Angeles. According to his Facebook page, he is enjoying success as an actor and model in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Europe, and New York.

As of the writing of this article, the suspects names have not been released. Violent incidences have been happening all over the nation this Thanksgiving weekend. On Black Friday, shots rang out in Nordstrom, leaving one person dead, according to the latest report by the Inquisitr.

[Photo Credit: Facebook]