Malaysia Airlines Apologizes for ‘Insensitive Tweet,’ Follows Up With Insensitive Re-Tweet

Malaysia Airlines has apologized for yet another insensitive act, which they have since claimed, via Twitter, was “unintentional” and meant to “inspire travelers.”

Malaysia Airlines has experienced an abundance of hardships this year, largely in part due to two devastating outcomes that befell two of the airline company’s jets, each which carried over 200 passengers. One Malaysia jet went missing in March without a trace, followed by another being shot down over the Ukraine in July. The flight which disappeared and has yet to be found carried 239 people, while the jet that was shot down, leaving no survivors, carried 298 passengers.

Following the combination of the two tragic events, Malaysia Airlines has made a series of inappropriate decisions in regards to their marketing campaigns. One of which was made this past Thursday via social media in the form of an insensitive tweet, as noted recently by the Inquisitr

Malaysia Airlines tweeted on Thursday, “Want to go somewhere, but don’t know where?”

The tweet was removed within 24 hours, yet the distasteful message was resounding and has left many offended.

Poor decisions by the airline’s marketing team are not isolated to this recent event either. Not long after the tragic events that transpired over the Ukraine, Malaysia Airlines created a contest for travelers that included the title that asked people what destinations they have on their “bucket list.” As the Huffington Post indicates, “a bucket list is a term used by some English-speakers to describe a list of adventures they want to have before they die.”

Due to the ill-received and negative response to Thursday’s tweet, Malaysia Airlines has quickly attempted to right their wrong by using a simpler tactic to promote business. As India.Com writes, “[t]hey have posted a picture of a table full of cuisine from around the world and added the message #KEEPFLYING.”

Once the originally offensive tweet was removed by Malaysia Airlines and an apologetic response was given, the airline followed this offering up with a re-tweet of a post by Jonathan Wong in which he wrote “Don’t understand all the haters blasting #mas for their promotions? Some people are trying.”

MAS replied, “Thanks for your support.”

As the Daily Mail UK writes, “Malaysia Airlines has been on thin ice in its bid to win over customers and repair their image after two tragedies in a year. The company is also trying to overcome millions in revenue losses following the MH370 and MH17 tragedies.”

Sensitivity and accountability are certainly necessary along with respect for the victims and their families.

[Image courtesy of Daily Mail UK]