Ron Paul Cookbook Adds a Pinch of Libertarianism to Family Recipes

The 2012 Ron Paul Cookbook is finally here! Potential GOP presidential candidate and master chef Ron Paul has just released a family cookbook containing 28 recipes from from his friends and family.

The Ron Paul Family Cookbook also contains a small book written by his wife Carol about the history of the Paul family called “The American Dream.”

So what will Ron Paul help you cook?

According to the website, the Ron Paul Family Cookbook features “28 pages of tasty recipes from the Paul family and friends, this much-in-demand and collectible cookbook will “warm your kitchen and your heart.”

The website encourages libertarian cooks to share the recipe collection since it is “one of the best campaign handouts you will ever find.”

You can even buy Ron Paul’s Cookbook in bulk. A single copy goes for $8 but if you order more than a hundred, you can get this recipe collection for just $2.50 a copy.

Paul doesn’t give much of a preview on his website, but the Daily Intel has a guess about what’s inside.

The Daily Intel gives a sample of Ron Paul’s recipe for meatloaf, saying:

“We would be infringing on your liberties as an individual if we tried to dictate to you exactly which ingredients make Grandma Paul’s Special Meatloaf so delicious. Any intrusion into your private decisions, whether by overreaching federal government or by seemingly harmless recipe books, is odious and un-American!”

ron paul cookbook

This isn’t the first cook book released by the Paul family. According to the Business Insider, this is the 7th Paul Family cookbook.

What do you think about the Ron Paul Cookbook? Will you be picking up a copy? 100 copies?