‘Bang Bang’ Singer Jessie J Talks Rumors, Romance, And Weight Loss Secrets! [Video]

When Jessie J teamed up for “Bang Bang” with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, the song became a banging success. It also earned playtime as the leading single from Jessie J’s Sweet Talker album. Now the British beauty is telling all her secrets, from rumors to romance, plus her weight loss tips, as she rocks the cover of Glamour UK.

Will Jessie leave her home and head to Hollywood? Not likely, she says.

“That’s complete and utter b*llbags. The whole thing of me selling my house in the UK and moving to LA? I don’t own a house in the UK and I haven’t bought a house in LA. It’s not even a matter of it being a rumour, people tell me what I’m apparently doing. I love London, I’m British.”

However, when asked about her romance with Luke James, Jessie is more open to the rumor that he’s the one for her.

“I’m nearly 27 and I’m at a point in my life where anyone I’m allowing to give that part of myself to, I want to give the chance for it to be forever. And he’s really amazing,” she added.

Jessie J also is eager to talk about her true love. And that’s songwriting, whether it’s a ballad for another artist or one that she sings herself. She’s especially positive about the future of “Bang Bang” as a song for the ages.

“One of the biggest things that I’ve wanted to achieve in my life is standing the test of time, and I feel like Bang Bang’s going to do that. I write songs. I’m a singer. I love doing endorsements and stuff, but that’s all added on.”

See what you think about the future of “Bang Bang” below.

How does Jessie J stay in such banging shape? Diet and fitness dedication. She’s the queen of the “Gelfie,” a combination of gym plus selfie, reveals the Daily Mail.

As a result, in addition to singing, Jessie has earned the spotlight as the star of the Nike + Training Club High Intensity Training Workout app. The program takes exercisers from warm-up to squats to the final endurance drill. There’s even a movement called the “Jessie Drop Squat,” named after the singer’s pre-singing fitness routine.

Also emphasizing the benefits of fitness for weight loss and health is Snooki, as the Inquisitr reported. Her trainer, Anthony Michael, emphasizes cardio as well as strength-training and diet for shedding pounds before the reality TV star’s wedding.

“We’ve been doing some high intensity interval training. It’s a type of cardio, it’s very short, you only do it 10-15 minutes. It’s about spiking the heart rate. We’re also doing plyometrics, cardio, etc. Right now it’s all really geared for weight loss, then she wants to focus on lean muscle mass once she’s married.”

But diet counts too. And just like Snooki, Jessie J emphasizes that she’s focused on a healthy lifestyle that encompasses her food choices.

“Dedication is the first word that springs to mind because you really do have to allocate time to working out. All you consist of in life is your body and I’m five-foot-nine of me. So I have to make sure that from my head to my toes, I’m doing the best I can to make my life long and healthy.

“I eat well, I try to get as much rest as I can, and I push myself on stage and in my cardio training.”

[Photo By Mike Powell/Getty Images]