‘The Walking Dead’ Midseason Finale Spoilers: Will Baby Judith Survive?

The Walking Dead midseason finale will likely feature at least one major character death, so hopefully you have some leftover turkey and dressing to comfort-eat after the show.

Judging from something executive producer Gale Anne Hurd said during an interview with ET Online, there’s a 99.9 percent chance that one of the members of the group of survivors is going to die on this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, which is titled “Coda.” Hurd advised fans that a box of tissues “would be a healthy and wise investment,” and she revealed that viewers will be shocked by what takes place during the episode.

If you want to avoid potential spoilers, you should stop reading right now.

“I think I’m most excited by the fact that absolutely unexpected things are going to happen… the fans are going to go, ‘Oh my god I didn’t see that coming!’ It really will make sense once you see it. There is a lot that is completely unexpected and surprising.”

What would be more unexpected than the death of baby Judith, an adorable symbol of hope in a dark, depressing world?

In last week’s episode of The Walking Dead, a jittery Father Gabriel was seen demolishing the floor of his church and sneaking outside. In the sneak peek below, it’s revealed that he went to the Termites’ macabre camp, presumably to find out if Rick’s group was telling the truth about just how terrible the people from Terminus really were. As you can see, he finds evidence of their evil actions in the form of Bob’s barbecued foot.

The Termites’ camp was beside a school full of trapped walkers that were about to escape by breaking through the glass windows, and Father Gabriel is injured and limping after stepping on a nail. Because of the dangerous situation he finds himself in, he’ll likely decide to head back to the church. Unfortunately, the school walkers might follow him. So will one of the walkers wiggle its way inside the building and feast on baby Judith?

The Walking Dead showrunners could be tempted to kill off Judith’s character simply because baby actors are difficult to work with, and it’s probably even tougher to direct them on a set full of people in scary makeup. However, a recent report offers a ray of hope for those who think that allowing a baby to get eaten would be too much, even for The Walking Dead. According to Wetpaint, Judith was one of the characters spotted on the set of the show on September 2. The cast was likely shooting Episode 9 or 10 at the time, meaning Judith will survive the midseason finale.

However, The Spoiling Dead Fans shared a bit of bad news on November 20 — the twins who play Judith hadn’t been seen on the set for quite some time. Tyreese actor Chad Coleman also hasn’t been seen on the set since August 27, and Ty’s last known scene was reportedly a bloody one that took place at a location called Shirewilt Estates. He’ll also likely survive the midseason finale, but his future is looking pretty grim.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the most likely character to die in “Coda” is Beth Greene. Actress Emily Kinney hasn’t been spotted on The Walking Dead set since the filming of the midseason finale, and Norman Reedus hinted that the episode’s big death will have a big effect on his character when he said that the events in “Coda” made him break down and cry. Beth seemed to give Daryl a glimmer of hope that life can be still be good during the zombie apocalypse, so obviously her death would devastate him.

A “Coda” is the ending passage of a piece of music. Beth Greene loved to sing, so perhaps the title is supposed to be a hint about who will die in The Walking Dead midseason finale. You can check out what might be one of Beth’s last scenes in the promo video below.

“You have to do whatever it takes,” she says. “This is who you are until the end.”

Perhaps she’s trying to help Dr. Edwards escape the hospital — so far he’s done whatever it takes to stay alive. He might not be the best person in the world, but his medical knowledge could make him worth saving in Beth’s eyes. She might feel like she needs his expertise to help Carol heal, and trying to get the doc out of the hospital alive could be what does Beth in.

Will you miss Beth if she dies Sunday on The Walking Dead? And are you relieved that Lil’ Asskicker will likely survive the midseason finale?

[Image via Entertainment Weekly]