‘The Supernatural’ Midseason Finale: All Bets Are Off

Going on 10 years now, Fans of the hit horror-related show Supernatural have enjoyed a wild trip with enough emotional highs, lows, twists, and turns to challenge even the greatest roller coaster, and that ride isn’t over yet. If anything, Supernatural is gaining even more momentum with promises of a midseason finale that will definitely deliver the goods, and ensure fans will be clamoring for more throughout the brief winter hiatus. Whether you are one of the many desperate for more on the Deanmon front or the Castiel storyline has you on the edge of your seat, the Supernatural midseason finale has something to feed your hunger and simultaneously starve you for more.

There is so much going on with the Castiel story arc that Misha Collins could almost star in his own Supernatural spinoff. As fans of the show may already know, Castiel was somewhat abandoned by Hannah, when the guilt she felt over possessing a human body proved too much to handle. She departed from her host, leaving Castiel alone to do his work and to question the morality of his own mortal existence within the body of Jimmy Novak. SheKnows recently caught up with Misha Collins at a Supernatural convention and questioned him about the upcoming midseason finale. The actor suggested that this dilemma may create some inner turmoil for Castiel, and also revealed that Claire, the daughter of Jimmy Novak, would be making a return appearance.

“It’s going to be a great little arc,” Collins said. “I don’t even know how little the arc is or how big it is. We, so far, are doing two episodes that focus [on Claire.] It’s the midseason finale and midseason premiere. Those two episodes are going to focus on, not exclusively, but a big centerpiece of those episodes is going to be the relationship between Claire and Cas.”

Speaking of turmoil, fans of the Deanmon storyline and particularly those disappointed by the seemingly sudden resolution will soon learn that this tale of hero turned demon is far from over. If you’re one of the many who assumed all was good between the Winchester brothers, you are in for an abrupt awakening in the midseason finale, courtesy of the Mark of Cain. Yes, it still exists.

Jeremy Carver, executive producer for Supernatural, told International Business Times that the remainder of the season will deal greatly with the Mark of Cain and with how Dean chooses to handle it.

“While we’re all very happy he was cured of being a demon, there’s a lot more work to be done,” Carver said, hinting that the troublesome mark could lead Dean down a very dark path.

“The Things We Left Behind,” Supernatural’s midseason finale, which will air on December 9, will bring focus back on Dean’s darkness, reintroduce Claire Novak, and address Castiel’s failing grace, all of which will lead to a shocking twist.

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