Seth Rogen Wants To Smoke Weed With You: Here’s How To Make It Happen

Seth Rogen has come up with one of the weirdest and possibly ingenious ways to market a movie ever. Either that, or he’s crazy. I’ll let you decide.

The comedian took to Twitter to promote his new film The Interview. There will be a screening in Colorado where, as many of you know by now, smoking weed isn’t that big of a deal.

Well, Rogen would like to take this opportunity to invite all of his fans to get baked with him before and, yes, during The Interview screening.

And apparently, Seth Rogen isn’t stopping with Denver. He’s also staging a similar event, only with beers, in Boston.

Rogen and James Franco’s new comedy The Interview follows a couple of documentary filmmakers who are enlisted to assassinate dictator Kim Jong Un after landing a big interview with the North Korean leader.

The film has been hugely controversial since news of it broke, in spite of the fact that we’re still a week or so off from release. Part of that controversy stemmed from the fact that Kim Jong Un issued death threats if Sony went through with the film the way it was originally made.

The Hollywood Reporter noted in August that the studio caved and decided to digitally alter “thousands of buttons worn by characters in the film… because they depict the actual hardware worn by the North Korean military to honor the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un, 31, and his late father, Kim Jong Il (showcasing military decorations would be considered blasphemous to the nuclear-armed nation).”

Sources added that the studio was considering “cutting a scene in which the face of Kim Jong Un (played by Randall Park) is melted off graphically in slow motion,” THR adds.

While the stars were reportedly incensed that Sony would alter the film under pressure from a foreign dictator, they’re probably going to be — in the case of Seth Rogen anyway — too drunk or stoned to care by the film’s release date given the new marketing tactics.