Westboro Baptists Laud Turkey Prank: An Opportunity To Witness

The Westboro Baptists’ turkey prank victimization hasn’t fazed them a bit — the anti-gay, anti-soldier, anti-…well, anti almost everything church is laughing it off, and calling it an opportunity to “witness” their unusual brand of Christianity to the world. The story has spread across the internet, giving the world a laugh at the Westboro Baptists’ expense, but the church doesn’t seem to feel robbed of anything.

When the satire article first showed up in the National Report, it caused a lot of readers some concern. Millions of turkeys have been recalled, it claimed, citing the CDC for safety concerns. The National Report is purely a satire site, but that didn’t stop an awful lot of people from panicking and calling the number listed in the article.

Well, as it turned out, that number was not for a turkey recall line, but the main number at the Westboro Baptist Church. Naturally, the internet had a good laugh — the group isn’t exactly popular, and those who counter-protest them, block them from events like soldiers’ funerals, and otherwise seem to put one over on the Westboro crew are generally lauded. This was no exception.

However, on Twitter, the Westboro Baptists tweeted from several of their social media accounts, sharing versions of the story, and expressing pleasure with the event. They call it an opportunity to witness, and God’s work.

The controversial church seems to believe that any time you’re reminded that they exist, you’re receiving God’s word (as they see it), and they are apparently quite glad this turkey prank brought them to people’s attention.

Does this mean the Westboro Baptists get the last laugh? Well, they might be laughing along, but to be honest, despite their boasts that God directed callers to them, some of their tweets look a little more peeved than truly amused. (The “We got your turkey right here” above, for instance.)

The question of whether the Westboro Baptist turkey prank backfired, then, depends on whether the intent was to rile the group, to make the internet laugh, or just to keep the church busy doing something other than protesting at soldiers’ funerals for an afternoon.