‘Ghost Adventures’ Star, Zak Bagans, Selling Haunted Demonic Las Vegas Digs

Zak Bagans, no relation to Bilbo, but star of the popular paranormal reality television show Ghost Adventures, is selling his Las Vegas home which he believes to be haunted by an unfriendly and violent demonic presence, reports TMZ.

Though he fled the Las Vegas property years ago, Zak Bagans has finally put the eerily creepy abode on the Las Vegas real estate market, and the home’s dirty deed could be yours for a price TMZ calls “dirt cheap.”

According to those in the Las Vegas real estate-know, Zak Bagans has put the 4,700 square-foot haunted Las Vegas house on the market for $459,000. Along with the frightening demonic presence that sent Bagans fleeing, and who he says attacked him in bed and pushed a lady friend down the stairs, the demonic domicile includes a dungeon hidden behind a bookcase and a chrome toilet, according to TMZ.

Zak Bagans told TMZ he bought the place for $370,000, before the demonic presence moved in and began its violent haunting. According to Bagans, the demon came along only after he brought home a human skull he’d obtained through working on his Ghost Adventures TV show.

It was another TMZ story, published on Halloween, 2011, that detailed Zak Bagans’s being chased out of his haunted house after bringing home the cursed skull.

Bagans found the human skull while investigating an old mining town hotel at the end of Summer, 2011. The Ghost Adventures star apparently thought the skull was really cool because Zak built a display for the former thinking head in his Las Vegas basement. That turned out to be a poor decision, according to Zak Bagans, because several instances of paranormal activity quickly followed, with the angry, demonic presence invading the house and letting Bagans know it was there and not pleased.

Bagans was awakened one night by what he described as a slight pressure on his ankles, but that quickly turned into hands gripping his extremities before yanking him down in his bed.

Still terrified by the event, a few days later, Zak had a female friend over to his newly demonically haunted house and she was sent inexplicably, rear-end over tea-kettle, tumbling down the stairs. Fortunately suffering no dire injuries, Bagans’s lady-friend insisted “someone, or something” had given her a violent shove down the stairs.

Zak Bagans was so freaked out that he actually brought a local bishop to his seemingly haunted house to do an exorcism.

“I love my job, but I want to feel safe in my house,” Zak Bagans said at the time. “I don’t feel safe.”

But back to the present, while dumping his demonic Las Vegas Haunted house, Zak Bagans also has another major change in his Ghost Adventures life, with co-ghost and haunting investigator, Nick Groff, leaving the show, reports Dread Central.

But judging by the message Groff left on his Facebook page announcing his departure from Ghost Adventures, he is leaving on good terms, or at least much better than the demon-haunting responsible for Zak Bagans’ hightailing it out of his demonic, haunted Las Vegas house.

At the same time, Bagans also reportedly bought another demonic haunted house in Louisiana, so go figure. Ghost Adventures, indeed!

Image via Kinja