Princess Rap Battle Take Two: Battle Of The Trilogies, Princess Leia Versus Galadriel [Video]

Actress and princess poser, Whitney Avalon, has released her second installment of “Princess Rap Battle.” This time it is a full on battle of the trilogies. Who will reign supreme? Princess Leia from Star Wars or elf ruler Galadriel from Lord of the Rings?

In the first installment of “Princess Rap Battle,” we saw Snow White battle face-to-face with Elsa from Frozen. We saw the princesses spit out lines that were pretty impressive, such as Snow White suggesting Elsa is just a poor copy of classic princesses such as herself.

“I’m the original princess / you’re a copy of a copy / I am porcelain and perfect / and your floppy hair is sloppy.”

However, for the second installment, Avalon took characters from two of the most well-known trilogies and created an epic battle of words. Though the Elsa and Snow White battle was fantastic, the latest princess battle is sure to please the sci-fi and fantasy fans who may have felt a little left out with the first round of mainstream princesses.

The lyrics being with the two ladies making jabs at the other’s appearance. Galadriel starts the battle off and ends with this line referencing Leia’s hair.

“You better listen hard through those donuts in your hair/ By the time I end this line you will love me and despair”

Leia retaliates by noting that Galadriel is starting to look old.

“Calm down grandma, you’re ugly when you’re mad/ Showing off your dark side? You remind me of my dad”

Though the entire battle was pretty good, my favorite line was delivered by Galadriel when she brought up Leia’s somewhat incestuous past.

“You shall not pass, challenge another/ You can kiss my ass, pretend it’s your brother”

Who do you think won the latest “Princess Rap Battle”?