Turkey Crashes Man’s Windshield On Thanksgiving: Dinner Is Served

A turkey crashed a man’s windshield on Thanksgiving day, and no I’m not making this stuff up.

Lubbock wrecker Kameron Schrader was on the road during the holiday when a 30-pound gobbler flew through his windshield.

In a report from KCBD, Schrader shared the harrowing tale.

“It was very, very loud and I couldn’t even tell you what was going on,” he said. “I just had to get the truck stopped and whatever it was off my lap.”

Once he’d safely brushed aside the debris, he realized that he was staring at the body of a turkey, confirmed by the turkey-sized hole in his windshield.

“Unfortunately, it had passed away already. I tried to clean up my truck a little bit, and actually stopped on the service road right next to some little houses.”

It was at this point, as the report states, that Fate intervened.

“A little family came out and I asked them if they could use it,” Schrader said, “because obviously, there’s nothing I could do with it. They were pretty excited, it was a pretty good-sized turkey, so he took it up to the house and I guess they got a turkey dinner out of it.”

Schrader admitted that it started off as a scary situation, but adds that it didn’t stay that way for long.

“Everybody has asked if I was okay, and then after that, just that it was hysterical,” he said. “What are the odds of hitting a big ol’ turkey on Thanksgiving?”

Schrader said he had “two little kids and a wife” and that when he got home he would eat family dinner “and relax for a little while, let this day wind down.” During that unwinding period, he also said there would be “a few more people” he’d tell the story to.

Well, Mr. Schrader, meet the internet. You can’t have a turkey plow through your windshield and not expect something like that to go viral.

While it’s easy to feel bad for the bird, stories like this one at least do have a happy ending — in this case, a hungry family being fed — wherein the holiday is often associated with family squabbles like this one where a woman actually stabbed her relative with a serving fork during dinner festivities.

(Luckily, there weren’t any stories like that going around the web this year.)

What would you do if a turkey flew through your windshield — proper burial or fry that thing up?