Dave Mustaine: Megadeth Leader's Mother-In-Law Found Dead

Dave Mustaine is not having a good week. The Megadeth lead singer lost two members of his band when Shawn Drover and Chris Broderick quit suddenly on Tuesday, and now officials have reported that Mustaine's mother-in-law, who had been missing for the last two months, has been found dead.

As originally reported on the Inquisitr, Mustaine's mother-in-law, Sally Estabrook, went missing in early October from a San Diego campground. Estabrook suffered from Alzheimer's disease, making her disappearance that much more troubling. Mustaine and his wife, Pam, took to social media to ask for help in locating the 76-year-old Estabrook, but the woman had seemingly vanished when her husband went to take a shower. The Megadeth leader posted on Facebook this morning that Estabrook had finally been found.

"Yesterday evening I received a call that a person had located a body and the investigators from SDSD Homicide Division described our beloved mother, Sally Estabrook. Thank you all for your prayers, your good thoughts, and positive vibes."
People Magazine explains that San Diego authorities responded to a call in which a clothed body was found in some shrubs a half-mile from the campground where Sally Estabrook disappeared from on October 4. Estabrook's body was wearing the same clothes as the day she wandered away. The San Diego Medical Examiner's office has yet to perform an autopsy, but officials do not expect foul play.

On Tuesday, Megadeth's drummer, Shawn Drover, and guitarist, Chris Broderick, both announced they were leaving the band. The announcements came hours apart. While Drover's statement explained that he left to pursue other musical interests, Broderick's went into more detail.

"Due to artistic and musical differences, it is with great reluctance that I announce my departure from Megadeth to pursue my own musical direction. I want all of you to know how much I appreciate the amount that you the fans have accepted and respected me as a member of Megadeth for the last seven years, but it is time for me to move on. I wish Dave and everyone in Megadeth all the best. I am working on a few things of my own and hope that when they come out, you will all dig it."
Dave Mustaine started Megadeth in 1983 after leaving Metallica due to the same type of "creative differences" that Broderick spoke of in his statement. Megadeth is no stranger to line-up changes in their 30-plus years of existence, but the loss of two members of the band -- coupled with the sad news of his mother-in-law's passing -- is making for one tough week for Dave Mustaine.

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