North Korea's Princess: Kim Jong Un's Sister Pushes Closer To Power

News outlets are calling her a North Korean princess, but now the world knows her official title. For the first time, North Korea's state media said that Kim Jong Un's sister, Kim Yo Jong, has the title of vice department director of the Central Committee of the governing Worker's Party of Korea. The title might be a bit of a mouthful, but the acknowledgment is the latest sign that the younger sister is pushing closer to the lime light of one of the world's most dangerous political systems.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un took an extended leave of absence leading to widespread speculation about his health, the government and North Korea's future. One of the most interesting tidbits from defectors was that Kim Yo Jong, 27, had moved into a senior role to help the regime, and perhaps grab power for herself.

Now it seems that Jong Un's youngest sister was already positioned with a great deal of power in North Korea, even before her brother's health issues.

According to Reuters, an anonymous intelligence source back in April said that Yo Jong's role was similar to that of a Prime Minister.

"All roads lead to Comrade Yo Jong," the source was quoted as saying.

There are still more signs that Korean princess had an important position years ago.

In 2012, Kim Yo Jong could be see on state TV running from one position to the next while her brother opened a new amusement park in Pyongyang. Since then, she has appeared by her brother's side on numerous public outings.

North Korea expert and author Victor Cha explained to CNN that promoting the dear leader's sister is becoming more necessary as the Kim family thins.

"Clearly, an effort to slow-track her on to becoming somebody who is important within the system. There really aren't many bodies left to carry on the sort of Kim clan rule."

Sister Yo Jong is the daughter of the late Kim Jong Il's fourth partner, Ko Yong Hui. According to the late ruler's sushi chef, Yong Hui enjoyed a privileged life and trusting relationship with North Korea's late leader. She reportedly took her children to Disneyland in Europe and Japan, and even sent Kim Yo Jong to boarding school in Switzerland, the same school that Jong Un attended.

Even with her close connections and family name, Kim Yo Jong is playing in a dangerous game. According to the Korea Times, she may one day be filling in for her aunt Kim Kyong-hui, who all but disappeared after Jong Un executed her husband Jang Song-thaek. Jang was considered the number two man in North Korea right up until his execution, and some speculate that his wife received a similar treatment.

The dear leader's sister will have a lot of work to do in North Korea, and some of it may be dedicated to her own survival.

[Image Credit: NBC News]